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The current village hall was originally the village school.


This was the heading for an article which appeared in a local newspaper and, on 19th January 1970, a deed of conveyance was duly signed by the Archdeacon of Northampton and Braunston Parish Council recording the purchase of the Church of England School for the sum of four thousand five hundred pounds.


The original school came into being following an earlier deed of conveyance in 1846 between The Guardians of the Poor of the Daventry Union and the Archdeacon of Northampton.


Following the acquisition of the building by the Parish Council in 1970 a group of volunteers got together and an impressive local community effort transformed the old school into the village hall we see today.


While the building remains the property of the Parish its management is under the control of a Board of Trustees  and the majority of those trustees represent the individual groups who regularly use the hall.


Our hall is used today by many groups and organisations and, we hope, remains true to the expectations of the many volunteers whose efforts created it, a splendid asset for the village of Braunston

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